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What we're For and Against





Any honourable endeavour should be based on discovering, understanding and representing the world to others, as it is.

When we don't know, we should say so.

When we ought to know, we should find out.

If the truth paints us in a bad light, we should welcome the view, walk into the light and learn how we need to change.

Honest people move towards facts and learn from them. They change facts by changing the world.

Assumptions, Half-truths & Lies

Manipulating the facts in ways that suit me, you, our group, our country, our traditions, our self-image or anything else.

De-emphasising inconvenient but relevant facts.

Political Correctness where it prevents us from telling it like it is.

Diplomatic language of the kind sometimes used to reach consensus by burying the difficult areas in deliverately ambiguous terminology.

Honourable behaviour

Doing what's right
because it's the right thing to do.

Self-interest driving behaviour

Doing what it takes to reach personal goals.

Plain speaking

Using simple language to convey ideas clearly to as many as possible.

Calling a spade a spade.

Grounding all that we say in common-sense reality as ordinary people experience it.

Writing to impress, obscure or control

Legalese, medicalese, technical jargon, pompus nonsense - in contracts and agreements, or anywhere else.

(A "left lower extremity" is a leg, by the way)

The appallingly unclear way our laws are currently written.

Becoming disconnected from the real world.

Equality of Opportunity

All men and women deserve the same opportunities in life. We should structure and fund society to meet this goal.
Recognise that.

Discrimination on grounds of effort.

Support for those who want to improve themselves.

Equality of existance (some people want to work harder than others - this will naturally generate inequality, and should only be corrected through the efforts of the less-motivated individuals).

The class system.

Discrimination on grounds of accent, height, weight, gender, race or disability.

Support for those who would rather not work.

Openness & Transparency

Governments and public bodies should be open to public scrutiny.

So you should be able to see your medical records, your employee records at work, and any other records kept on you.

Smoke-filled Rooms. Back-room deals.

Organisational Opacity

"Punter mentality" - contempt for the public.


The Old Boys network.


Know your place.

Alignment of Theory and Practice


Saying but not doing

Questioning the way things are

Asking difficult questions

Working to make things better

Accepting the status quo without question

Keeping your head down

Not rocking the boat

Personal accountability

We should all be accountable for our actions to the rest of our society.


Hiding behind confidentiality clauses

Accountability seeming beneath dignity


We should be contributing members of our society. We made it, we maintain it. We own it. It ends up being what we make it - good and bad.



My employer owes me a lifetime of employment, and a salary which meets my wishes.

My community owes me a job doing what I like to do for as long as I want to do it.

The state should accommodate my personal weaknesses whatever they are.

Person freedom means I get to crap on you.


"We will ..." (we did)

Yapping from the comfort of your armchair.

"They should..."


Fact-based performance reviews & meritocratic follow-up.

Giving credit where it is due.

"Avoiding unpleasantness"

Promotion by service length, date, accent or height.

Claiming credit for the work of others.

Root cause analysis.

Process analysis.

Find what went wrong, then institute structural change to prevent it happening again.

Fire those you can't fix.

Sticking plasters

Head-in-sand management

Short-term palliatives, distractions,

"Drawing a line" under disasters without making changes.

Keeping the cretins because no-one has the balls to remove them, or they're too senior, or well-paid, or well-connected.

Data-driven, intellectual problem solving
Impulse driven, arrogant edicting
High quality, gifted, hard working managers

No managers, bad managers, too many managers, arrogant managers, over-paid managers


Quality political interviewing

Discovering & reporting the truth

Sound bites

Programs structured to give a snifter but no understanding of the issues.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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