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LFB-TV is another way for us to try to inspire you to stand up and help us Fix Britain. We welcome contributions. Your program can be audio or video, short or long, serious or witty, and about any aspect of what's wrong with Britain or how to fix it. Why not have a go? It's best to contact us first to make sure we can show your piece.

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Stinking Public Toilets

Honesty in Advertising
Spoof advertisement addressing the kind of bent talking which characterises far too many TV ads.

Stinking Public Toilets
Example showing how pressure can force the syetem we pay for to improve.

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I know this will amuse many.
It's my first attempt and it's somewhat cheesy - but I'm trying and I'll get better!

Stinking toilets are themselves considered an amusing topic by many, but not by me. I find the stench offensive, but I find the fact that I am paying to employ the cleaner, and his boss, and his boss's boss to do a p*ss poor job (sorry - couldn't resist it) - far FAR more offensive.

I often hear people say "Well, it's a public toilet - what do you expect it to smell like?" This simply illustrates how good the Great British Public are at accepting dismal levels of service. They can't even conceive of a world in which it were different.

Others ask "haven't you got anything better to do?" in response to which I apply a high velocity baseball bat to their skulls, thereby raising the quality of human life on the planet a little.

You can read more about the campaign which this program touches on here.




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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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