We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue.
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Our Sponsors


Here is a list of our sponsors. Every sponsor is a Let's Fix Britain member, which in itself, singles them out as very special human beings!

And in order to become recognised here, they must be helping our organisation in solid, tangible ways, to further its aims.

LFB sponsors are very likely to be solid, responsible organisations with an unusually healthy regard for customer service.

So they're organisations you'll want to do business with!

Victoria is our "proofreader at large", roaming our site and sending us corrections.

Victoria is a professional proofreader whose services you can hire; click the link to contact Victoria, or call -1933 411 462

Sunflower fabrics is owned and operated by Margaret - one of our earliest members and a staunch supporter of Fixing Britain.
The UK Life Coaching organisation is owned by Chris, a highly active member and one of our management team.

To become a sponsor, you need to make a significant contribution to Let's Fix Britain's causes. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, then the first step is to become a member, and to express your sponsoring interest in the sign-up form. Click the button below to join us.


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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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