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Let's Fix Britain in the Media


Our best chance of becoming a major force is to grow our membership, and our best opportunity for growth is with publicity via the media.

With that in mind, we're working on gaining exposure in the press, radio, TV and anywhere else.

If you can provide us with a media opportunity, please contact us.

If you are a program-maker or a budding program maker, then please contact us. We have powerful ideas we want to develop in using the media to energise the public.

Appearances to date:

Ideal Home Magazine

September 2004

Ideal Home magazine found us on the web via our Call Centres articles, and interviewed Chris by phone. You can see some of our advice reproduced in their article, in the box-out entitled "I Can't Get Any Answer" here.

If your browser re-sizes the image, making it too small to read, then maximize the window, then put your mouse over the image and click the full size icon which will appear.

Weekdays 11 'til 2
BBC Radio Northamptonshire
July 2004

BBC Radio Northamptonshire heard about us and invited Chris to speak with Richard Oliff on their daily show about the state of the nation.

Good fun, and we collected a few new members as a result.

Note the similar introductions!!

Breakfast Show
BBC Three Counties Radio,
July 2004

BBC Three Counties Radio - who hosted us for the Radio Stoke slot, asked to do an item on Let's Fix Britain, which Chris did via phone with breakfast show host Roberto Peronne.

Are You Fed Up With Britain?
BBC Radio Stoke
July 2004

BBC Radio Stoke found our website and invited Chris to participate in a one hour special, where he fielded question from the general public for about an hour.

This was Chris's first live slot, and was made all the more stressful because he did it remotely from a studio in Luton, where the reception quality was poor, and there was an echo on the line.

Great fun for all that - and we got more exposure and some new members as a result, as well as valuable broadcast experience.

Question Time
March, 2003

Chris appeared in the audience of BBC1's Question Time, where he asked the panel what the overall rate of taxation is in the UK, when you consider all taxes - VAT, poll tax, duties on fuels and drugs, etc.

Dimbleby seemed irritated by the question, but put it to the illustrious panel anyway.

No-one had any idea, which seems dissappointing considering the fundamental nature of the question.

Subsequently, LFB members did some work on answering this question, and here is the result:

If you take the total UK takings from all taxes, and divide it by the number of employed citizens, then they're each paying £13K a year into the country, which is 69% of the average wage. Whilst simplistic, this number is justifiably alarming, and shows that the average hard working citizen is paying very heavily for their place in our country.

Great Britain
Channel 4, December, 2002

Our articles on call centres attracted the interest of program-maker Maxine Gordon, who, working for Diverse Television, contacted us to provide content for her short program in the channel 4 series "Great Britain".

Chris gave three hours of his time versus the requested 20 minutes to Maxine and appeared in her program talking about call centres, in exchange for a mention of Let's Fix Britain in the credits and a tape of the program.

We didn't get any mention in the credits, nor any tape, and Maxine never answered our emails.



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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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