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Dixons PLC, Mastercare & Dixons Stores Group (DSG)


Dixon's Fan Clubs

Dixons Stores group includes Curry's, PC World, and Dixons. Their approach to customer service has earned them a host of "fan sites" devoted to exposing the realities of being one of their customers.

LFB applaud the existence of these groups, and the people who conceived of, constructed and maintain them. Imagine how much more effective they would be if they worked as one! This is how I think Let's Fix Britain could operate. By bringing together related groups (and we're all ultimately related to the business of "Righting Wrongs") we can benefit with greater efficiencies, faster growth and ultimately, more powerful solutions.

Anyway, hats off to all these brave, energetic soles, who actually made it off the winging couch, and out into the real world, where they invested personal effort in a bid to make things better for us all.

Marie Griffiths'
Battle With Dixons

Marie got so angry that she turned it into action. Her "BLOG" diaried events. Marie had a nice technique for documenting lost revenue for Dixons, which has helped her gain great press coverage.

Alas, Marie's blog is now gone. I wonder if Marie was bulleyed off the net by the Big Boys, as others have tried to do with LFB.

This entry remains as a testimony to her determination & success. If anyone know's what happened, pelase let us know.

Another site set up by a very unhappy customer as a place to share information and stories about Dixons.

Unfortunately, this site is now just a vessel for holding Google Ads.

Again, if anyone know's what happened, pelase let us know.

Documents Brendan's story, includes press cutting and other useful information.
Stephen J Baker

Stephen's tale of woe after buying a PC from ("where in the world?") PC World.

Once again, unfortunately, this is also now gone. If anyone know's what happened, pelase let us know.

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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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