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Contacting Dating Direct


Our article which is critical of dating direct (here) attracts a lot of traffic.

We have had a number of contacts from people, thinking we are Dating Direct or else they want us to tell them how to contact Dating Direct for various reasons.

It's pretty astonishing that anyone could mistake us for Dating Direct, given that the article is so clearly critical of Dating Direct, and looks nothing like a dating website at all, but it may mean that for everyone who contacts us, there are many more who would like to contact Dating Direct to complain about this.

To contact dating direct by email, members must complete an online contact form, which is located in the ‘Help’ section of the website (along with a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions). To do this, go to the website and click on the ‘Help’ link at the bottom of the page. Scroll down, past the topics for the frequently asked questions, and click on the link (which is cunningly pale so you won't notice it, I guss) that says ‘Didn’t find the answer to your question?’ That'll get you an online form to fill in. Good luck.

Should it be easier? YES!

UK law requires that anyone trading online provide a contact address and phone number. Dating Direct ahve consistently failed to do so, and our experience suggests that this is a deliberate way to avoid dealing with those many customers who have had money taken from their card accounts without permission. They would prefer to keep taking your money than to process your demand to stop.

If you want to contact trading standards concerning Dating Direct you may contact the relevant branch here:

City of Westminster
5th Floor
Westminster City Hall
64 Victoria Street

t: (020) 7641 1111
f: 020 7641 1702
e: tradingstandards@westminster.gov.uk
w: http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/westminster

Getting your Money Back

If you believe that money has been taken from your card account without your permission, you may contact your card company and tell them you want to dispute the charge. This will return the money to your account and will cause the party who took your money to incur a charge back. If this happens too often, the card company providing merchant services will take a keen interest and may withdraw their services, so it is in any company's interest to avoid charge backs.

Here are some contacts from Dating Direct customers. We cannot verify and so are not responsible for their accuracy. We simply quote them verbatum.

You can register your own views and experiences of Dating Direct here

Dating Direct is a rip off. I signed up for 6 months and did not want to renew my member ship. I even ticked the "do not renew" box but they still too the money out of my account again! I have been on the site and there is no "contact us" button as far as I can see. I have now used the email address that Chris used in his correspondence. Well done Chris totally agree with all what you said in your article.

Email address supplied

hi i have been a memeber on DD for nearly a year, but without success...i decided to cancel my membership last month and rec;d the confo email etc, but then noticed that i had been debited with 24.99 again...why is this/

Email address supplied

I too am having problems with DD I cannot now access the site having signed up as a premier member. Can you advise which of the two addresses is the one I should complain to London or Birmingham.


Email address supplied

The same thing has happened to me. I am going to contact my bank today.

Email address supplied

I desperately want to cancel my dating direct membership but having spend hours on the site I cannot find the page that allows me to do it.

Email Address supplied

I have also suffered from having 19.99 taken out from my account without my specific consent for a number of months after signing for only one month. I am also appalled at the total inability of anyone to obtain any kind of contact with these people. I eventually worked out how to cancel this automatic renewal payment they said I had entered upon (which was without my consent), and have had them send me an email to confirm cancellation. However, this has yet another item to click on to confirm the said cancellation!!!! This is totally ludicrous since I have cancelled! What is more I am unable to receive any acknowledgement or comeback when I have clicked on this email. I am reduced to ringing my bank and doing it from that end. Hope others have better luck than me.

I signed up to dating direct for one month but have just noticed from my bank statments that(stupidly I don't often check them) that for a number of months money has been coming out without my asking for them to take it out. How do I contact dating direct to complain about this?

You can the postal address above.

Dating Direct are a nightmare be warned you can only contact them through the post!! No Email no phone!! They also will keep taking money from your account. This site could be good but its dodgy YOUR AN IDIOT IF YOU JOIN!!!

Dear Sirs,

I hope you will be able to help me with my complaint.

I have registered for a period of one month with the above-mentioned organisation in May of this year. The sum of £24.99 was debitted from my account on 10th May, which sum, I understand, was applicable for one month only.

I have noticed on my bank statements (my fault in a way, as a little late) that two sums, respectively £19.99, were taken from my account, one on 11th June and the other on 18th July. I only registered for a month in May, and I have not visited that site since, I thought, the period of one month had expired.

Having been unable to contact them (what a surprise!) I am now writing to you in the hope that you might be able to help me. I believe I have the right to be re-imbursed for the money they have unduly taken from me. I also believe that was a safe site but have now changed my mind, feeling very angry also.

For your information, their contact details are as follows:


My contact details:-


My previous address at which I registered with them (I moved on 2nd July):


I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Sophie ******

hi there, i have been reading chris`s e mails on dating direct.I received a e mail from them offering 3 days free.so i signed up ,no free 3 days.So i presume they are offering 3 days free as part of the free subscription which is always on site and open to anyone.(can they offer something like that).
So i thought i would get in contact through the website (which is on the bottom of all e mails).I have scanned the site, no e mail, no tel no.Can they do that?
Just wondering if u had a e mail address or tel no (I think for Darren).
Or even better could you fix it for me to meet the bloke!
Thanks William *******

Address supplied

Hi i wonder if you can help me ? i have tried so hard to contact a company called dating direct.

i have tried to get in touch with them because i do not know how many times they have taken my subscription.

please can you offer any advice on how i can obtain there phone number as i have tried everything i can think of.
my email address is **************


I am having trouble cancelling a dating direct account
do you happen to have a contact e mail for them

please reply to g******@btinternet.com

I cannot get my login details,I keep sending my e-mail g******@hotmail.co.uk
but as yet have got nothing back.I have paid for six months on the site but
cannot access it,my address is *********.



I can't believe that dating direct has no email, telephone No or address you can contact! I have accidentally double registered but there is no way of contacting them to tell them!!!!
Please help!

Hi there, I have copied an email sent to dating direct from myself. I would be grateful for you veiws.

Dear Mr Richards,

I decided to subscribe to you website for ONE month today at the reasonable cost of £9.99.

When I did not receive an email confirming my one months subscription I went to view my account, this said that I had SIX months subscription at a cost of £59.99!!! If I had wanted six months subscription I would have renewed it monthly, as I may have met someone in the first month anyway!!!

I rang my bank to cancel my card, & they explained that £61 had been taken from my account from your company, where did you get that figure?

I am absolutely appalled by the fact that you have no telephone number, so that I could contact you to sort out this problem! I had to telephone the office of fair trading for their advice on this matter.

I have put my request for a refund by cheque for the difference between the £9.99 & £ 61.00 & have sent a copy recorded delivery for your urgent attention. I expect to receive a refund & apology for your company's error within seven days, or I will be forced to take further action, although I do hope this will not be necessary,

Yours Sincerely,
Ms L ******


I have just read the Dating Direct section on your website and was wondering
if you could help with an issue i have with dating direct.

I signed up to the website for an initial fee. But what they didnt state was
that i would be paying this fee every month, and im struggling to contact
anyone to cancel this fee.

Have you got an email address or telephone number that I can contact them on

Yours Sincerley


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