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This Is Unpleasant

It's a nasty feeling when you've been badly treated, and it doesn't matter by who. Whether it's a company providing a bad product or service, or a public service organisation that's ignoring you, or your doctor or the teachers at your children's school. You're getting a raw deal, and you don't like it.

It hits you in more ways than one:

  • Inconvenience of the bad product or service
  • Embarrassment& unpleasantness when you have to be assertive
  • Annoyance when they treat you badly as you try to get things fixed
  • Frustration and possible loss of dignity when your efforts ultimately fail
  • That sinking feeling that tells you ordinary people have no real power

Any of these happening to you?

  • Fobbed off by a standard letter full of content-free platitudes
  • Clocking up a huge phone bill as you wait - while a call centre's automated system repeatedly reassures you that your call is important to us"
  • Arrogant official speaks to you like you just fell of his shoe.
  • Completely ignored.
  • Bounced from pillar to post and not getting anywhere
  • "Our policy is ..."

How are you supposed to feel good about that!

They get to take your money (either when you buy goods - or through your taxes). They get to give you a bad deal - and now they don't have the decency to treat you properly and put things right!


You're angry enough to write a letter of complaint. But - what exactly is the best way to go about it? And will it do any good anyway? Will you just be throwing more energy into a lost cause? And it's so difficult standing up for your rights when all around want you to sit down and shut up. Can Joe Public really get justice out there?

Been There - Done That

Let me say how much I sympathise with you. I refuse to bow down to these people, and so I've been there a thousand times, and it's that experience which prompted me to set up our organisation called Let's Fix Britain. We've been around for more than five years, and - in a variety of ways - we stand up to fix all that's wrong in Britain.

I've got good at encouraging organisations to do the decent thing despite their reluctance. Oh, and just a little more about me in case you're curious - I spent my first career in corporate management, and now I run Let's Fix Britain. I'm also a qualified life coach. I can help you.

My Promise to You

I have set up our complaints service to help those with a grievance like you, to get things put right. We can write your complaint letter for you, and I am here to make sure we write the very best complaint letter we can for you. The one that's most likely to get you the result you are looking for.

The Benefits To You

Here's why you should let us write your complaint letter for you.

We've done this a lot, and we know how to do it well! We'll use our extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that your complaint letter is highly optimised to deliver the result you're looking for.

We'll take all the heat - face the music - stand up and assert your rights for you.
We are all LFB members - hugely enthusiastic about making sure Right Prevails over Wrong. We exist to champion you - the citizen and the consumer. We'll go the extra mile on your behalf.
Check out the website (link at the bottom of this page) and you'll know who we are and what we stand for. We've been around for a long while and we plan to stay. So you can be confident in leaving your problem with us to take care of.
We carry more weight than any individual can - our high profile website and our experience all mean that we stand a better chance to get you a good result.
By using this service you're not only getting a great deal, you're also supporting LFB and in that way, helping to make Britain a bit better.
Won't it be sweet to receive that apology letter!
How nice to cash that cheque (or you may prefer to frame it!)

Here's How it Works

Write down the facts of the case. Be sure to do the following, to minimize the need for seeking clarification:
  • Provide your full name and postal address
  • Provide the full name and postal address of the organisation you are complaining about
  • Include dates for all events - and list them in date order
  • Use the full names of the individuals involved
  • State the facts clearly, accurately, completely, and without exaggeration
  • Say what outcome you are looking for (compensation, refund, etc. - and how much)
  • Email scans of all relevant documents to us - or contact us for a postal address to send them to.

When you have it all written down, send it to the office here.

2. We will review your complaint and get back to you for any other information we may need. If we feel you have a good case, we'll proceed to step 3. If we do not, we'll refund all but £20 of your money.

We will use our extensive experience to write a powerful, persuasive complaint letter on your behalf to the other party.

a. It will be printed on LFB-headed stationery

b. It will reference our high-profile website

c. It will allude to our extensive experience in representing aggrieved clients

d. It may allude to relevant legislation or regulations

e. It will allude to further steps which may be taken should this letter not resolve the problem.

f. It will push for a speedy resolution of your complaint.

- I hope you can see that all this means we're more likely to succeed than an individual.

4. You can then review the complaint letter and make any changes you feel are required.
5. We will send this letter to your party, and they will respond.
Usually, this is all it takes to resolve the issue for you.
Job done!

If the issue is not resolved, we will find the appropriate agency to escalate the problem to. This is as far as your £75 gets you, but if you want us to continue to work the issue for you, we will discuss further payments with you.

Sometimes we offer no-win, no-fee terms, on other occasions we'll quote a flat rate for each of the available options we see for you.

How We're Different

All complaints are dealt with by LFB staff, and quite a few are dealt with personally by me. We are not legally trained but we will be experienced in this kind of work, and we will be hugely enthusiastic for championing your cause against the all-too-common organisations giving dreadful service simply because they can and it suits them to. We will protect your confidences. Please note that we are not providing legal or any other kind of advice - we are providing a letter-writing service.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. The money we charge is to cover our running costs. We exist to make Britain Better- not to pay shareholders a dividend.

Our high-profile website makes us a more daunting prospect for many companies to go up against. They know we probably know the ropes as well as they do - and far better than a typical citizen, so they tend to co-operate more.

How Important is This to You?

No one wants to waste time and energy fighting the Big Boys. Why?

  • It's boring
  • It's unpleasant
  • It's time-consuming
  • It may fail
You'll need to research:
  • who to write to
  • find the applicable laws
  • find a form of words you hope will work
And then they can just ignore you - so you'll have all that chasing to do.

But if you just let it go - they have won! And the more they win, the worse they will treat us. So we have to push back; to say "NO - you are not going to treat me that way". That's an ordeal for most people, but it's our bread and butter!

By standing up to these people, we are refusing to accept the status quo, and in that way - we're changing it - we're Fixing Britain - little by little.

So why not delegate all that stuff to us? We love it.

Successful Complaints

Here are some of the companies we've beaten on behalf of clients like you:

Refused to replace a faulty toner cartridge because it was nearing the end of its guarantee. We changed their mind and won £70 of value for our customer, who therefore ended up with money in his pocket up on the deal.
Sold a faulty JAZZ drive and were un-cooperative in replacing it. Until we stepped in!
Numerous complaints! We've been able to get our customer what they deserved in most cases.
Royal Mail
Perhaps the UK's most complacent monopoly. Many complaints on lost mail and inadequate compensation. We know how to work their system, and get you the compensation you deserve.
Filthy toilets & idiocy in station management. We didn't fix either, but we got some serious apologies which our client felt was worth his donation.
Anglian Water
People in high-rise flats pay the same for run-off water dispersal as those in bungalows, and that's wrong! However, the law makes it legal, and our customer's donation didn't stretch to taking this to the House of Lords!
Dreadful Customer service from their call centre, and an unusable WAP website.
Borough & County Councils
On a variety of issues. Councils are generally complacent and incompetent. You can grow old and die waiting for an acceptable resolution to your problems. Unless you have us on your side of course!
Numerous complaints. So much appalling service!
No better than BT! Again - multiple complaints.
Rude petrol station staff were dealt with properly once we intervened.

You get the picture - no case is too small. In all cases, we'll give you a great run for your money, and in most cases, we'll more than get your money back for you.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

This customer bought a sofa-bed from DFS which was not fit for purpose. DFS have replaced the cushions and the long-running saga continues.

Thank you, yet again, for a quick and quality service on your behalf.
The letter is fine.

Anet V.

This client was one of many who contacted us complaining about their letting agent, Aston Fox, who was taking their tenants money and not passing it on to them. The letter did the trick; we terminated their two-year contract and recovered more than £2,000 in back rent.

Your attachment letter to Aston Fox is perfect.
Please go ahead and send letter as soon as possible.


This lady experienced a living nightmare with a new, expensive and useless PC purchased from Dixons. Dixons were characteristically un-concerned and our client was not ready to take things further.

This letter sounds excellent. The tone is exactly right.
I am very happy with this.

Antionette J.

This lady was fleeced by a builder. The builder didn't budge and our client was not willing to take things further.

Hi Chris. Thankyou for the draft you sent, and for all the trouble you went to.
The letter is fine, and as accurate as it can get
Chris, thankyou again for your help and support.
If it all turns out well I will be very pleased. If not, at least I will feel happier that I tried with your help.
I am going to be a regular donator to letsfixbritain whatever the outcome.

Anne M.

This customer found herself with no water when Thames Water cut her off. She sought £150 compensation but we managed to secure her only £50.

Thank you for all your assistance on this matter - will keep you inform on fresh developments.


This was another victim of the London letting agency, Aston Fox. We recovered nearly £2,000 in missing rent for this client.

Hello Chris,

Finally we received the cheque. My wife, Andrea picked up the cheque at about 16:45 from the Aston Fox East Ham office. The amount is for 1,913.20. I will deposit cheque tomorrow then chase Stephanie for the balance of monies owed.

Thank you for all your help, as I know for certain if it was not for your solid letter writing and knowledge of this particular type of company, this (i.e. Receipt of cheque today) would not be possible. To conclude, as discussed I am happy for the additional 30.00 to be paid to you via the credit card option.


Yet another victim of the London letting agency, Aston Fox, but this time our complaint letter didn't persuade them to pay up, so we worked extensively on the client's behalf, using a variety of techniques, and eventually recovered all of the missing more than £2,600. We worked on a no-won, no-fee basis, for a percentage of the recovered rent money.

Hi Chris,

Yes, well done.
Tomorrow I will go to the police station then I will let you know in the evening.

Many Thanks

Maria M.

Another Aston Fox client, who found that Aston Fox have an unfortunate tendency to retain money they don't own then avoid talking about it with their landlords. In this case, our letter got the money paid off, but our client was not yet willing to terminate his contract with Aston Fox.

Hi Chris, well i received my rent for May 2007 a few days ago, just after your letter actually, but still the rent for June 2007 is overdue ... [your service] is a pretty good job as it stands.

The Professionalism is what i liked best and your personal commitment to sort out people like this.

Overall service was very good

Hermaish H.


If you don't like the letter we write for you, and we can't change it to your satisfaction, you can ask for - and receive - a refund. Simple as that.


Just £75 secures our very best efforts on your behalf. We can't promise you'll get satisfaction, but the odds are in your favour, and our website and our experience mean that we're likely to be far more effective than any individual working alone.

Why not start things off right now, by clicking below:

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And Finally ...

I care passionately about the ordinary, decent, hard-working, tax-paying citizen. I care about those quaint old fashioned notions of Honesty, Right and Wrong. I want to challenge the stinking status quo and make things better for all of us.

You can read more about that all over this website.

Let's Fix Britain is all about doing that in a thousand small ways, and our complaint service is one of those ways.

Chris Wesley
LFB Founder

As soon as you decide you can't be bothered and let it go - you lose, and they win. And that's exactly what most of us do, which is why we find ourselves where we are.

But each time we stand up and slap the complacent, arrogant corporates and public service organisations in the face, we not only get our little wedge of justice - we drive a wedge of change - we change things a little, and for the better. If we did that in our millions, we'd have a lot of change going on!

Please do your part - or help us to do it for you, by using our complaints service. You not only stand a good chance of getting justice, you'll be supporting our larger cause.

PS: Even if you do not have a complaint - you can support our work through donation.

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