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Submitting Bogus MP Reports


Most of us want a healthy democracy. Let's Fix Britain is trying to increase the health of our democracy by helping our electorate to understand more about the performance of their elected representatives.

If you are a party activist or anyone else who thinks you can improve your chum's image by submitting false reports, please re-consider.

What you are proposing is fundamentally dishonest. That reflect poorly on you, and in the long-term could do your electee more harm than good.

We will contact you if you submit a report which we suspect to be bogus. If you do not co-operative in taking reasonable steps to substantiate your report, or if you choose to not reply, then we will update your report to include these facts. Your updated report will then appear right alongside the other reports where web site visitors will see what you've been up to.

We want to show all legitimate feedback here - good and bad. We hope that excellent electees will shine out, and go on to be re-elected time and again for the excellent work they do. We hope that other electees will see these glowing record cards and be inspired and motivated to do better.

In summary, we are not out to crucify your friend, and you are not justified in trying to redress an unreasonable bias. Any bias which emerges will be driven by the honest opinions of the electees' customers.

You have no justification whatsoever for trying to manipulate the feedback and we will take all reasonable steps to prevent you from doing so, and to expose you in your attempts.

Please help us to make this work.


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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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