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Our overall goal is to Fix Britain - to make Britain better - by motivating and guiding ordinary people to make a positive contribution. We have some focus areas we choose to work in:

We recognise that society is the people within it, so a better society will need better people. There are powerful opportunities for improving our society through better parenting and better education. As adult citizens we try to grow ourselves, and to increase our contribution to society.

As consumers we stand up for and promote excellence in customer service.

As scrutinizers, we take an active interest in the running of public bodies, including local and national governments.

As electors, we are growing a national database to provide information to help us become informed voters.

We have exciting new ideas for combatting crime.

We do all this together, growing strength, enthusiasm and know-how, largely through the Internet, but also through local and national meetings.


Any particular strategy will depend on the issue it addresses, but some general principles will always apply:

  • We obey the law

  • We choose the smallest, most pleasant solution which works

  • We work through existing organisations where possible

  • Accurate information is key to good decision-making

  • We work towards the right answer - not for ways to support our answer

  • We're always ready to re-think anything from the ground up

  • We're open and honest


Our resources are what make us powerful - able to accomplish big things. What are those resources?

1. People Power

Our biggest resource is ourselves - People.

As individuals, we can easily be badly treated, intimidated, supressed, starved of facts and ignored.
But as a large team working together, we outnumber any UK organisation many thousands of times over.

Large groups of people in a civilised country are all-powerful, because of our "choosing power".

Our democratic rights mean we can choose who we place in government to represent us.

Our consumer rights mean we can choose where we buy our products and services from.

Large groups also have huge "seeing power".
We're everywhere in the UK; we work in every company, every High Street shop, every hospital ward, we drive every train. We are our politicians, our scientists, our BT telephonists, our Dixons shop assistants, our pensioners, our teenagers and our children. We know everything about every corner of society.

Large groups hold great "knowing power".
They contain experts in almost every aspect of human existence.

Finally, large groups have huge "doing power".
We are the UK workforce. If we all decide to build a wall, we can build a huge one in an instant!

So, our membership is a huge asset.

Most other LFB resources are there to provide ways for people to work together on fixing our problems.

2. Member Directory

The member directory allows us to know who we are, where we are and what we can do. Members can register with our directory - providing as much or as little information as they choose. They are in control of what we store and what kinds of contacts are made.

3. Collective Action Aids

Internet technology offers help in making our voices heard. Examples include:

  • We can call upon members to sign petitions electronically

  • We can ask member opinions, and present that sampling with authority to other parties to further our campaigns

  • We can make it easy for members to send e-mail or letters to various organisations

4. Web Site

The web site is the hub around which all our work is organised; it fulfils many functions.

  • It is the primary public face of Let's Fix Britain

  • It describes our work, our goals, and our principles

  • It recruits new members

  • It allows members to find and to talk to each other

  • It is the way most members will access LFB resources - like the member directory, reputation manager, news groups, and our collective action mechanisms

  • It provides news on current and future work

  • It includes articles of interest

  • It provides a large resource of information on how to conduct campaigns

  • It includes a large collection of inspirational stories, explaining how our victories were won, and what we have learned from our defeats

5. Other Media

We may work through other media, including:

  • a national monthly magazine

  • books

  • training programs

  • video tapes

  • Internet streaming video

  • TV

6. The Rest

The sky is the limit as far as what's possible is concerned, but it all hinges on having members available who will contribute to Let's Fix Britain, not just with their opinions, but with their skills and their labour, or at least - with their MONEY so that we can make progress through the efforts of paid staff.



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We are a not-for-profit organisation funded purely by donations and Google advertising revenue
We do not get to choose which ads Google shows on our pages.


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